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General Information

Before departing for Ski Arpa

  • On the day of your visit you should make sure we are operating before you make the drive to Valle El Arpa
  • Please provide us with the name of your hotel where you will be staying so we can contact you in the event of closure
  • If it is raining in the valley chances are pretty good that we will not be operating. We will contact you by 8am as long as we have your contact number
  • Please check the Ski Arpa website for current snow and road conditions
  • We recommend the use of 4×4 vehicle to comfortably arrive to Ski Arpa. We recommend that you contact Santiago Adventures for transportation and lodging arrangements.

Ski / Snowboard Rental

We recommend all Ski Arpa guests come prepared with equipment, however, we do have the following skis available for rent at $40 usd per day:

  • Liberty origin 182 cm. 116 underfoot
  • Liberty Double Helix. 190 cm. 121 underfoot
  • Salomon QST 99. 167 cm. 99 underfoot
  • Salomon QST 106. 174 cm. 106 underfoot
  • Salomon QST 106 Stella. 167 cm. 106 underfoot
  • Salomon QST 99 174 cm. 99 underfoot

Other equipment (i.e. boots, snowboards, etc) we recommend renting in Santiago at KL Adventure (

Avalanche Safety Equipment

  • If you have your own avalanche beacon, shovel and probe please bring them
  • We require the use of avalanche beacons and provide them to all skiers and riders at no additional charge
  • While you are preparing for your day at the Refugio, your guide will provide you with an Avalanche Beacon and instructions on its use
  • You are responsible for care of our beacon and will be charged $300 for a lost or damaged beacon.

Arrival & Preparation

  • Please arrive by 9:30AM to prepare for a 10:15AM departure in the first cat up
  • We will wait 15 minutes but if you do not arrive by 10:30AM the cat will depart
  • If you miss the first cat up your reservation will be considered a NO-SHOW and you will not be refunded
  • Keep in mind the approximate arrival times with good road conditions:
    • Los Andes/San Esteban (1hour)
    • Santiago (2 hours 15 minutes)
    • Portillo (2 hours 30 minutes)
    • Ski Arpa to SCL Airport (2 hours 15 minutes) (flights after 8pm on the day of your visit are ok)

On the Mountain

  • The cat ride from the Refugio to the top takes approximately 20 minutes. Each run lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. In total with loading and unloading each run takes approximately 1hour
  • Please follow guide instructions at all times. Access to the slopes is controlled by the guides and you may only ski/ride where they indicate it is safe. All descents are led by a Ski Arpa guide
  • If there are differences in skier levels we can split into smaller groups led by different guides. We normally have 2 guides per cat so you can expect approximately 1 guide per 6 persons
  • When you arrive to the cat road STOP – never go down the cat road, wait there for the cat or for further guide instructions
  • Our guides reserve the rights to dismiss any skier or rider for failure to follow their instructions
  • The day typically ends at 3pm back at Refugio Avalancha


  • Lunch is NOT included in your program
  • Snacks and beverage are sold in Refugio Avalanchas
  • The cat might not return to the refugio for lunch so it is best to bring your lunch in your backpack
  • You can leave your backpack on the cat while you ski


  • The tap water from Ski Arpa comes from our mountain spring and is not treated. We recommend you drink the bottled water we sell at the refugio.


  • If we are closed due to weather you have the following options:
    • 85% refund
    • Change your reservation to the next available day
  • If we are closed for mechanical reasons we provide 100% refund based on the number of runs missed

Rental skis at Arpa

Skis available for rent at Ski Arpa.