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An Adventure in Chile You Will Never Forget

Snowcat Skiing in the Shadow of Aconcagua

"Ski Arpa is a must-hit for any hardcore skier on a trip through the Andes.

Derek Taylor, Powder Magazine

3,000 foot vertical descents

leave your tracks in fresh powder

Unbelievable Vistas!

Ski Arpa is about unbelievable vistas, unbelievable amounts of vertical and unbelievable snow. But believe it! The two valleys of Ski Arpa—Valle el Arpa and Valle la Honda—are unlike anywhere in the world. At the summit you will see east to Cerro Aconcagua, the highest peak of the Americas, and west to the Pacific.

What To Expect @Ski Arpa
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Our Location

Only 108 km from Santiago

Annual Snowfall

Up to 5 meters (200 inches)

Our Cats

Two Pisten Bully Snowcats

Rider Capacity

A total capacity of 22 riders

*We are closed after heavy snowfall due avalanche risk. When in doubt, please call to inquire.